Join Gary Roland and his band, The Landsharks, in Paris, France on June 21, 2010  for “Parrotheads in Paris”.  Every June 21 is a national holiday in all of France called “Fete De La Musique” (or loosely tanslated to “World Music Day.”).  Every year, on June 21st, every musician in Paris sets up and plays somewhere.  Musicians and bands are everywhere.......on the streets, in the cafes, on the rooftops, ....EVERYWHERE!  Gary and The Landsharks will be performing all over Paris and there will be many other interesting musicians and entertainers throughout Paris.  Jimmy, are invited, too.  We will start on June 21st at "Pont Neuf"(Translation: "Bridge 9") (behind the Louvre and down a few blocks) and the move about Paris playing, singing and performing.

Parrotheads in Paris
All Parrotheads and Jimmy Buffett fans are invited to:

Fete De La Musique
Paris France
June 21, 2010 (Summer Solstice)

Come celebrate "World Music Day" (Fete De La Musique)
with Gary Roland of The Landsharks Band
as he performs in Paris, France

Some France-related Jimmy Buffettt songs
He Went To Paris
Frenchman For The Night
La Vie Dansante
Chanson Pour Les Petit Enfants
Auteur Du Rocher
L'aire De La Louisianne
Iko, Iko
and many more.. well as of your other favorites like Margaritaville, Fins, Cheeseburger In Paradise, as well as many (not so popular) Jimmy Buffett songs.
The band will also be performing several French songs and also songs from other American artists.
A French Band

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