French Songs and others

Performed By
Gary Roland Band

1. Jimmy Buffett France Medley
 Performed By Gary Roland Band
A medley of songs about France, this begins with "He Went To Paris," a song about an old sea captian that leaves the U.S. for Paris, seeking a different life. Then the medley continues with a beautiful song about an old man living in a "Driftwood Castle", in the islands, , dreaming of Paris and the "girl he knew, with eyes of blue." (Frenchman For The Night), then it's "La Mer"and final;y, it ends with "La Vie Dansante."
        He Went To Paris (Written by Jimmy Buffett)
        Frenchman For The Night (Written by Jimmy Buffett, Roger Guth)
        La Mer (Written by Charles Trenet)
        La Vie Dansante (Written by Jimmy Buffett)
2. La Mer / Beyond The Sea
Another medley of in French (La Mer) and one in English (Beyond The Sea).
 When Bobby Darin heard, while on a trip to Paris, the Charles Trenet song "La Mer," he rewrote the lyrics to the English version, "Beyond The Sea."
Performed By Gary Roland Band
La Mer (Written By Charles Trenet)
        Beyond The Sea (Bobby Darin)
3. La Mer (Accordion Intro Version)
What can I say? I love it!
La Mer
Performed By Gary Roland Band
(Written By Charles Trenet)

4. Dayo
I played this song when I busked (That's another story) in Paris during Fete De La Musique and EVERYONE sang!  No matter where I play this song, It goes over BIG and it was well-liked in Paris, too!
Dayo (The Banana Boat Song)
Performed By Gary Roland and The Landsharks Band

(Written by Burgess/Attaway/Burgess)
4. American Dance Medley
My American Band, The Landsharks uses this as our demo for getting some gigs.
 Performed By Gary Roland and The Landsharks Band
A medley of American songs.
performed By Gary Roland Band
5. Calypso Medley (Instrumental)
Ahhh! Tres Jolie!
 Performed By Gary Roland Band
Jamaica Farewell
Island Party Conga

6. Jardin D'hiver (French Version)
I know my French pronounciation is band but I am trying!!!!!
 Performed By Gary Roland
Jardin D'hiver
7. Bon Bon Bon (French Song)
I wrote this song for my first year French Class oral presentation. So if it sounds like a three year old wrote it, ......I
 Performed By Gary Roland Band
Bon Bon Bon (Written By Gary Roland)

These songs will be available for purchase soon!
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