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 Gary's Cafe
A group of musicians playing music based on a love of French music, French Language, and the French people and culture.

A Florida Wedding Band A Tuxedo Band A Beach Wedding Band! Saxophone is available in the band. too! A Fun Wedding Band!

    Gary Roland's Gary's Cafe Band is an American band that plays French music and also a HUGE songlist of American Music.  This "American French Band" can play at your wedding or any other event en France, The United States, Canada, St. Barts, Quebec, Montreal, St. Marten, Martinique, or anywhere in the world.  Gary Roland et Le Projet Franšais plays many of your favorite classic French chansons (songs), as well as most of your American and English favourites!  One of the few French bands in the United States, this French speaking band of American musicians can make your event fantastique! The band is a group of  excellent musicians that rival any French musicians in France or anywhere else in the world!
    If you are planning a french themed event or a party with French speaking guests, then Gary Roland et Gary's Cafe  are the perfect band.  The band also plays at festivals of France at French festivals in America.

 For Booking Information: Call (in United States) 1-407-701-5497
or email

In addition to the songs below and other French songs, Gary Roland also sings thousands of American and English songs of all styles!

Les Chansons (Songs)

La Mer(Cafe Accordion Orchestra) / Beyond The Sea (Bobby Darin)
Je Ne Repartirai Pas(Nat King Cole) / L.O.V.E. (Nat King Cole)
Chanson Francaise(James Taylor)
Autumn Leaves (Nat King Cole)
Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (Nat King Cole)
Jardin D'hiver (Cafe Accordion Orchestra/Karen Ann)
Frenchman For The Night ( Jimmy Buffett)
L'aire De La Louisianne (Jimmy Buffett)
La Belle Et Le Bad Boy (MC Solaar)
Tu As Vole (Taboo Combo)
Belle (Jack Johnson)
Michelle, Ma Belle (The Beatles)
C'est Si Bon ( Cafe Accordion Orchestra)
Bon, Bon, Bon  (Gary Roland)
Jardin-D'hiver  (Gary Roland)

 For Booking Information: Call (in United States)

 or email

 Listen to the Band HERE (American Songs)

 For Booking Information: Call (in United States)

A French Band

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